About Us

All of our products are constructed on
4 inches of steel and fiber reinforced 
concrete....also we use the finest PA
flagstone in both random rectangle and
irregular patterns.  

Idaho Quartzite stone is fast becoming

"the latest" in stone patios and walkways.  
Our brick pavers are true kiln fired clay
brick and are available with compatible
wall bricks for porches, piers and garden
walls or for brick walk borders. 

The most popular product we offer is the

PA flagstone with a brick border.  

There is a huge variety of stones for
walls available from all over the country...

All this and in most cases, the price for a solid masonry patio is LESS than a quality constructed deck!!!  Our youngest craftsman is in his forties so you are assured of highest degree of experience and the best quality in installation available anywhere!!!  All of our work is guaranteed and we are licensed, bonded and insured.